How to prepare for a job interview ?

How to prepare for an interview

Hi everyone! As I have said, I will be sharing you some fashion and confidence tips. We are not experts into this, but we have our ways to make our self look great and confident. Sharing what we have in our minds and knowing what you learned is fun. We also love to explore the world of beauty. So, here it is!

After graduating from college, we are all ready to jump on searching for a job. Applying a job is a serious thing. No matter what it is. It’s either you start on the bottom or you jump on the top. It doesn’t matter, because there is one thing that they have in common.You always wanna give the best impression to the company you are applying to. But how? We know how you struggle the night before what to wear for an interview. Worry not! You are not the only person that is nervous on what to do for the next day. Even those people who has been into many job, they always feel the same way every time. Here are the TOP 5 preparation that works all the time. Remember this tips and you’ll be fine the next day…

1. DRESS to IMPRESS– some people may not know it, but the biggest source of confidence is from your outfit. Focus on what to wear the day before an interview. People judge you in the way you dress yourself. Give them the impression that you are sophisticated, knowledgeable and well put together person.

2. FAMILIARIZE your RESUME – the purpose of an interview is for the company to know you up close. They will ask you all the information that you wrote down on your resume. Familiarizing all the information shows that you know who you are, what’s your purpose and what you wanted.

3. RESEARCH about the COMPANY – researching about the company will give you a head start on what exactly to say and answer to their questions. The interviewing person will be impressed if you know exactly where you at or the background of the company. Also, research about their goals and missions. In this way, you show them that you know exactly what type of environment and goals they are trying to achieve.

4. COME 30minutes EARLY – as they say, be punctual in an interview. That is not the only purpose of coming early. If you are eary, you have the time to sit down and relax after looking for the office that you’ll gonna be interviewing in. Taking a deep breath and concentrate for a couple of minutes will loosen all the tense muscles you have. You don’t wanna show them that you are nervous. Right?

5. SMILE and BELIEVE in yourself – these are the two best bullet you can bring. Show them your confidence and let the interview flow itself.

Always remember that chasing your dream is not that easy. You will pass on many trial, so many downside that need to be pull up and top of that you will encounter criticism. Don’t ever give up and never lose hope. Patience and perseverance is the most important character that we need to always put in ourselves. It maybe hard at first, but once you get it? It will lead you into the place where you wanted to be.


❤ chengky ..


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