My Valentines Day 2013❤

Happy late Valentines everyone ❤ !

Hey? I am still greeting you even though it’s too late. It is better late than never. We are still in February you know. This is sad to say but all my photos were damaged or corrupted and I cannot recover all those anymore. I can’t believe that happened. That’s all right! Sometimes, it happen and just move on. I was screaming in my head why my photos has been corrupted until now. That was my memories, even though it was just one album. Anyways, enough with the photos. I need to get over it! How was your Valentines? I hope you received all the love that you wanted that day and you do the same to your partner. To the singles out there. Did you have a date with your mom, dad or siblings? I hope so,because that was the most happiest date you could ever have. So, how was mine? Well if you read my last post, you already know that I went shopping for my little gift. Yes I did! I gave my husband a big chocolate kisses, a little bear and a card. Do you wanna know how I surprise him? It was funny like I always do. Last year, I put my card in his school bag. He didn’t even know it until I called him and told him to check his bag. Now this year, I can’t put all those on his school bag. I put them in the back of his car while he was showering. Then there I was, just walking like nothing happened. Hehe! I don’t know if he saw it while he was putting his stuff at the back seat or after I texted him. Either way, he found it. He was so happy and he put all those in his teacher’s desk. He was telling me that he needed to put it on the very side of the table. Somebody might kidnap his little bear meaning his little rug rats might take it. That was so funny of him. It was even more funny about few days before Valentines day. He was hiding this paper ad from me. I was upset that I didn’t even talk to him. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it got me thinking of not nice thing. haha! The thing I was upset about was the ad for ordering a bouquet of roses. That was sweet of him. He wanted to order a bouquet of red roses as he always do. It was out of stock though when he called them after he read it. So, he took me shopping instead. That was more Valentines for me. haha! I got more clothes. haha! Roses are just gonna die after few days, but I still love roses. I told him to just get me an indoor plant next time. I sound so demanding. A wife thing as they say.

Our whole Valentines day went fine. We were having trouble looking for place to eat, since all the places were full. I am not talking about just waiting for 15mins, but for hours. And c’mon? we were hungry at the time. We were even thinking to just dine at Mcdonalds or Whataburger. We were pretty sure nobody was there. hahah! We just laugh at ourselves thinking of going to the Drive thru instead. It was stressful night than enjoyment, but it all went fine. We were happily dining at Rudy’s BBQ instead. We were so dressed up at the time that we didn’t even go with the theme of the BBQ place. Who cares? All we wanna do was eat and just enjoy the moment. We went home early and he started making his lesson plan. He has his observation going on that week, so it was pretty intense week for him. I don’t know if everyone can relate to this. As a teacher, there is a lot of stress when it comes to teaching and accomplishing your objectives. I grew up in a family of teachers, so I know what it is. Though sometimes he thought I can’t relate to him. I know we need to be in their place for us to fully understand what it is, but at the surface we know what they are going through. Anyway, his observation went great and he was happy with his feedback.

The day after Valentines day, we went to take his mom for a date. Of course, my hubby never forget his mom. We went to Tiagos Cabo grill and they have fantastic food ever. We all had fun and it was a sweet date night for a family. Then, the other day we went to the grocery and checked the clearance V chocolates. Who does that? After all the celebration, all the stuff was marked down to 50-75% off. It’s America style alright! That was a bad gift investment. He asked me ” Hon, how much did you pay for that kisses you gave me? Do you know how much it is now? It’s 75% off” I was like gosh! The next time we will celebrate Valentines , it’s gonna be after the 14th. Not only that the restaurants are all empty, but we can buy gifts at cheap price. Laugh at this, but it’s true. From now on, we will not celebrate Valentines at that day but the next day. Ok ok it’s really a laugh trip! hey! you can save money instead. Also, we can eat wherever we want to go and we can enjoy it. It’s less stress and annoying traffic! I realize from last times experience that going out for Valentines is for teenagers and lovers. Going for a date is not that much of fun anymore especially when it’s crowded and traffic. You are always together anyway and you always go out to eat. Everyday is a date for us two already. So, it’s not that much of an excitement anymore. The excitement part is how you two create things to express your feelings. Besides, the essence of Valentines for married couple is you two realize that after years has gone by there you are and him still together, eating the same table and expressing how much you love each other. Valentines is just a reminder of expressing your love in a very special way that you don’t get to say everyday.

Now, it’s official for us! Valentines Day is not on the 14th anymore. It is more relaxing that way. I don’t have that much exciting story to tell about my Valentines Day. What I know is that we are still together and that’s what I am gonna be thankful everyday. I love him and I know he loves me. Remember! Valentines is not about on gifts or material thing that he/she gave you, but it is about the feelings and your love that you express to each other.

How was your Valentines? Share your moments to me too. I love to hear them!

Have a beautiful day …

❤ chengky ..


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