A Beautiful Day!

A Beautiful Day

Hey Everyone! I’ve been off for a week now. You know! It was Valentines week. I spent my day time with my dear friend Joan and with my hubby in the evening as always. When I hang out with them, I don’t spend time in the computer. They hardly ever have time to begin with, so I just enjoy it.  My friend and I went to shop for our Valentines little gift. I don’t think this was shocking but the lines for Valentines cards were full. You can’t barely get anything from that aisle since people were grabbing everything. The prices were ridiculous! hahaha What do I expect? It was Valentines. I guess, expressing your feelings is expensive huh? And guess what? All the stuff that you saw in their were all alike. Have you been checking Facebook and Instagram lately? All the photos were the same. It was flooded with photos of a bear, a heart Russel Stover chocolate or other kind of chocolates and a flower or a bouquet! It means that you just expressed the same feeling as they have. Nothing special! That’s what I think it is. haha! Next time, we better create things on our way to make it special. Anyway, My friend and I have been inspired lately to dress up and play on colors a little bit. We wanted to share our fashion tips in my blog. The sun is out already! After months of hibernation and lame days, this past week has been a beautiful day everyday. Though it was still a little chilly but enough to wear thin clothes and take the thick and heavy  jacket off. Since I was in high school, I am into dressing up and looking good. Ooops? Not really in a way that people look at you because you have like a fantastic clothes. My fashion is very simple and sweet. I guess it suits to my personality. I don’t like expensive stuff. I like things that make me look good and that’s what my hubby likes about me. He said ” Honey, you know how to dress yourself like a lady and I like it” . In San Antonio, some of the ladies wear only jeans and shirt. They are very simple and nothing flashy. I can understand them. People over here are more on work than taking care of themselves. On the other hand, Asians like me that came from other side of the world love to play with clothes. I love to know the latest fashion around. I don’t know why I think this way. Maybe it’s just the way I was brought up? My mom is a very look conscious person. Not in a negative way but in a very positive way. Hey? Ask her about beauty and she knows exactly what to tell you. She even looks like our sister, because she looks so young. I am just sharing about my mom (smile in my face). I miss her too and my two siblings. So I was saying, that is the reason why I am this way and I love that my husband like it too.  OK.. Lately, we have been into photography also and I love to share our shots. It’s nothing fancy. It is just a simple camera and a simple shot. I had fun doing this.

  • beautiful day 7
  • Ibeautiful day 5beautiful day 6
  • beautiful day 2 IMG_4425beautiful day 3IMG_4416beautiful day 4IMG_4417

Top: Forever 21

Belt: Liz Claiborne

Bottom: Celebrity Blues

Scarf: http://www.beachrima.com

Boots: Call it Spring ( Jcpenney)

Photographer: Joan Mcfarlane

Thumbs up and comment your thoughts below!

Welcome Spring !

❤ chengky ..


I am pretty sure you’ve been asking how’s my Valentines day.

Well, all my photos has been corrupted and I am pretty P.O. !

I hope I can recover all those, so I can share it to you..

Have a beautiful day!


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