Don’t plan it ! Just enjoy the day…

It’s Monday again! What is great about this day? I got to share my weekend activities here. This is also my busiest day of the week. This is the time that I will clean the house. Yeap! That’s just a housewife thing. When you’re at home, it is your obligation to do the house chores. What’s better than that? You only clean the house maybe 2 days out of 7. The rest of the days are just clearing the clutter days then you got to rest afterwards. Cleaning is not really that much pressure than an actual job where you have time limits the whole week. You see? I am still living like a queen. haha! OK.. Last weekend was different from any other weekend, because I got to enjoy the day with my hubby and good friends of mine. I saw on the news that there will be BUD LIGHT Mardi Gras River Parade. I excitedly asked my husband if we could go to the River walk to watch it. My husband always depend his schedule on his mood, so I wasn’t really sure if we could really go and watch the parade. I told my friends about it. However, my friends was already planning to be there too. It made me wanna go more. I asked my husband again and luckily he has more energy to go somewhere that day. It was a foggy Saturday, but nothing stopped us from going there. Though we have hesitations at first but we can’t passed up this once in a blue moon event. We planned to go there early. We were thinking that there might be a lot of people, since it was a parade. While waiting for it at the River center mall, we ate a Chinese food for our lunch. Since it was still early, we look around the mall for a bit. My friend Joan texted me if we were around. To my surprise, they were also at the River center mall. Great! We are all there. There’s no more fun than having your friends together. After a couple of conversations, we suddenly heard the noise outside the mall and that was already the parade. We hurriedly went outside and we were screamingly laughing to cheer up the crowd. That was fun even though it was drizzling. We enjoyed watching the boat parade. My friend’s husband was even dancing on the side of the river when the boat was passing by. The boat has a loud music on it, that’s why you can really get on the groove. We were also all excitedly waiting for the necklaces, so we can catch them. Yeap! That’s what we have on our neck there. Wait a minute? Am I dancing right now? Hahaha! Anyway, I never really thought that we can all be gathered at the same time. As you can all notice that when you plan something with your friends, it just don’t happen. I guess, the best thing to do is not to plan it. Let you all just talk about what’s the possible things that you can all do. Then, let the day decide if you all wanna meet, because the moment you feel obliged to go. You sometimes feel lazy or some things will just suddenly come up and it will prevent you from going anywhere. Unlike when you just go whenever you’re up to it, it is more likely gonna happen. It’s funny! It should be the other way right? I bet you all can relate to this. The best thing about unplanned is it’s more fun. You enjoy the time and that moment more.

The saying was true ” Never expect things to happen according to your plan. Let it happen according to what is meant to happen” .

Have a great day everyone !!!


❤ chengky …


8 thoughts on “Don’t plan it ! Just enjoy the day…

  1. Glad you all had so much fun! It looks like a great time to me 🙂 Can I ask if this is the San Antonio Riverwalk? I haven’t been there in a long time but that’s what the pictures remind me of.

    • Yes. That’s the River walk.. We were in the rivercenter mall area. You should visit again 😉 they extended it ti the other side. Youll gonna have a long walk now 🙂

      • OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that place! When I was 12, my dad took me for the first time and I fell in love with it then (1978). I used to show dogs for AKC – American Kennel Club (Alaskan Malamutes) in the 90’s and we would show, quite a few times in the convention center. When we were done showing, we’d all have drinks on the river walk. I DO miss that place 🙂 Thanks for reminding me!

      • You’re welcome! I hope you can visit again because they said it already has a lot of changes since then. Like I said, they extend it to the other side. The riverwalk now is longer. I am not really from here and yes I love the river walk too;)

      • Can’t wait! That’s awesome. It needed to be extended to the other side and I’d wondered why they didn’t do it even back then! So glad that you enjoyed your time there and you posted many pictures to remind me. The pictures don’t look like what I saw back in the 90’s but I DID recognize that it could be San Antonio’s River Walk. lol

      • ohw… hahah! Maybe some part of your brain recognize the area or maybe the river in the back. Anyway, I hope you’ll visit here and get to enjoy the River walk again. 🙂

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