Can you die from heartbreak?

Can you die from heartbreak?

Today is my laundry day again. Before the weekend comes, I always make sure that the basket is empty. All the clutter around is also gone. That’s just me and I don’t know if my husband noticed it when he comes home. That really doesn’t matter as long as he’s comfortable whenever he comes home. While I was waiting for the clothes to dry, I took a glimpse on that book again ( click this link! ). As the atmosphere of Love is around, there is always a heartbreak next to it. That’s the question I bumped into as I open this book. It got me thinking if a person can die from heartbreak. Well, what do you know? It is possible and it is a big YES. Reminder to guys and girls out there, you should be careful. Life is precious! That is just one person that will be part of your life and will become your past. So, never take it seriously. According to this book, there is no exact answer if it’s related to emotional and physiological health but the answer is YES. Then it flashed me back to the story I heard from our neighbor. You all know I am from Philippines. We we’re renting a house in Davao. The city where I went for college. We have a neighbor that told me about the couple who lived next to our house died in the same week. The husband died first for whatever the reason then, days later the wife died. She was a healthy woman even though she was already in her old age. Before that happened, the children would always hear her calling her husband’s name. Freaky huh? They said that it was like she saw him right in front of her. She doesn’t want to eat anymore or talk to anybody. She shut herself from everyone even to her children. Days after, she died and they can’t exactly pin point what was the reason why she died. The doctor declared it as cardiac arrest. She was just sleeping that night and one day. She did not wake up anymore. We heard a lot of couple that the other one left the other one first, but they were fine and surviving. That woman must love his spouse so much that she can’t take the reality that he was gone. The man ,on the other hand, maybe can’t move on the second life and waited for her. Anyway,I am talking freaky things now. What I am actually saying is that due to loneliness from a heartbreak, it is possible that somebody can die from it. When a person lost their support offered by the other half, they are more likely to get stressed and started to shut him/herself from everyone. This will have an acute effect to the body. In the research they made, this would more likely pronounced to the older people. It means that the older they are the higher the range they’ll gonna have a health problem such as heart disease. There is more scientific reasons about this, but they were not exactly sure about it. I think if that would happen to me, I would be such in a big loneliness. C’mon? I gave my life to a person and when all of that is gone? What’s the reason of living again? People around would continue their lives, but how would you adjust yours? OK! I just put myself in somebody’s situation and I cannot imagine what they were going through. Now, a heartbreak from a boyfriend and girlfriend or fiance’/e is different. Your life should continue because it just means that GOD has way more better plan than what you plan your life would be. Besides, that doesn’t mean that the world stopped and has not enough special person for you. NO! The world has a lot of things to offer. Friends and family has the sweetest love of all than the person hurting you. Base of what I have seen also from people around, it is easier to recover from a heartbreak when you are around them. Let your feelings out so, it will have more space to live.

Can you die from a heartbreak

You are probably thinking about friend’s of friends experience or your own experience in your head right now. It did the same thing for me. I guess, you should watch out who you’re breaking up with. They might have a melt down. Haha! Slow down on this Valentines day now. You should date only the person that you really care or if you have none. Like I said, go ahead and have a date with your family. It is more fun than being in a mess.

I have more questions to share with you and it’s getting more interesting as I flip the page.

Have a good one everyone !

❤ chengky …


3 thoughts on “Can you die from heartbreak?

  1. so nice …i’m proud to say i am survivor …and yeah it’s right breaking up with someone leads us to the right one 🙂

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