It’s about FUN not a GAME!

If you read my last post about billiard, you probably know that I am not good in playing this sport. My husband, me and our friends played together again last night. We we’re all dragging since our husbands were all distressed from work. I wonder how they can still play pool when their minds were buzzed. It is not buzzed from drinking, but from being workaholic. I have read some articles that man play sports to release their stress. I guess it’s true! I always hear this from my husband ” It made me relax and my brain functioned well when I play video games or pool.” In my brain, I am thinking that it is just selfishness. Apparently all wives, girlfriends and fiance can relate how annoying that computer game and sports can be. Ladies? We are wrong sometimes! It is not about their game. Yes! It’s about an extension to their lives. Have you ever wonder where he tells his problem? Men are hard to predict, because they keep everything to their selves. They don’t like to share whatever they feel. And yet, they are very blunt of what they think about stuff. I know, they can be mean sometimes, but the words they speak are true. Remember this! Men are real. Not all, but most of them. OK.. You guys! Don’t celebrate thinking that we will just sit there and understand you while you play whatever you’re playing. It’s only good when it is once in a while, but when you say every time? That’s what we call self – centered and in considerate person. That is a harsh term but it’s true! Women ,on the other hand, are very opposite. We have a lot of extensions in our lives. We are very outspoken when it comes to our feelings. We don’t keep any of those to ourselves. I believe that’s one of the reasons why woman has a lot of drama. They speak everything in their mind. Can you relate now? because I can. I just laugh at myself why I always tell everything to my husband, even though he told me not to tell him about drama. Tell me if you are the same way, so we can laugh at ourselves. Anyway, I told you in my last post that I always feel nervous when playing this game. Well yesterday was different. I went there and I just play. I didn’t even think about winning or anything like that. I was just enjoying the moment and having fun, at the same time I am learning how to do the angle shot. I now have more control on the stick more than before, though I need to practice on my procession of that white ball to the other ball. I think I did good when I used the pool stick to measure the angle. I know it’s not good to be doing that, but one at a time until I will finally understand the right angles and positions. Just like what my friend’s fiance said ” That’s what I do before when I first started” and that’s exactly what I’m doing. I hope I will do better as I play, because I am excited for the time when I will be confident enough to compete with them. For now, I enjoyed the game as I am practicing. It’s fun and I shot the ball better. It is so much better without pressure with good music playing.

That was definitely a great night. I hope my husband and friends were enjoying the night as much as I did.

❤ chengky ..


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