It’s Tuesday! The best thing about this day is I just got done cleaning the house and doing the laundry yesterday. Ok! I woke up very early than I normally do, because my hubby has a school duty today. The rest of the week actually. I was already up by 5:30 in the morning and started cooking breakfast as soon as I was done washing up. He requested last night that he wanted a pancake today, so I made him a good pancake and a freshly brewed coffee. He loves my pancake because of the walnuts and chocolate that I mixed on it. After eating breakfast together, we both started our days as we always do. He went to work and I stayed home. Yeah, it’s kind of boring to be staying at home all the time. Guess the words of the day that my hubby said ” Hey! You need to enjoy staying at home because this is just the temporary stage of your life. When you start going back to school again and then you get your own job, you will desperately ask for this time where you can sit and relax. Enjoy your time while it last.” You know what? He is right. Why be bored and depress? At home, I can do whatever I wanna do. I can go back to sleep if I want to and I can do creative things that I can think of. Oh yeah, except doing outside chores. I love plants and all, but I am terrible in taking care of them. Sometimes, laziness is just a thing for me or maybe everyone’s thing? Tell me, is it only me that feels unmotivated to do anything when you’re at home all the time? Anyway, first thing that I do in the morning is check the computer if my family back home are online. As I was scrolling the computer back and forth while awkwardly sitting down in the couch, I noticed my gut sticking out. Gosh! Is that my belly? I haven’t realize until this day that I am gaining that much weight. I thought before that this was just winter bumps or I am just bloated because of I am on my monthly visits. I was screaming on my head. I have been eating too much junk this past months and it piled up on me, because I never exercise all those fats. Don’t you say I over react because that is what every woman’s dilemma. To guys out there, good luck too! And then, I started thinking that I got to find a way to do something about this. My mom told me before that when our body started to grow big, it will be hard to exercise. I am a very body conscious and I don’t want that fat to be just hanging on me. So, I need to do some hardwork now. I remember last Christmas that I bought this DVD for me to start exercising. I just used it twice and forget about it. It’s a fat burning cardio – dance and I thought it must be good. I was a dancer since I was in elementary to college. Maybe, that is one of the reasons I am that skinny before. Now that I have been at home all the time. I become uninspired to do sweaty stuff. So, I started the exercise, but it is too hard for me or maybe I am just totally out of shape to do anything! I tried it again and I cannot do everything in that routine now. I don’t have the lungs that can survive the beat anymore. I told myself to start the easiest workout! I will do it twice a week and then let’s see in a month if I get the result I wanted or at least maybe lose a pound. I have a deal with myself now. I will start today in cutting back the portion that I will eat especially rice. Don’t judge! I am Asian and I can’t help loving rice. I’ll do my routine again this Thursday. This should not be hard. I am at home everyday.


PS. I’ll keep you posted on my progress šŸ˜‰

ā¤ chengky …


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