Did you watch the Superbowl last night? My husband and I were watching it. Actually, I only saw the halftime show and a little bit of the game. Ok, slow down now. I know you were as excited as me about Beyonce’s performance last night. It was a breath-taking that everyone was left incredibly amazed by her talent. She truly has the best gift from GOD and she appreciated what she have. That is why people love her. She is very down to earth person and she performed absolutely worth of the money you pay. I thought Madona’s performance last year was pretty good considering she is already in her old age. After seeing Beyonce, Woh! We forgot Madona for a bit. That was unbelievably awesome. I was astounded by her ability to dance and sing. Of all the things going on around her, she has marvelously perfect to have all the presence of mind to perform. The effects and performers were incredible! and then my husband just suddenly asked his self and me this intriguing question “What do you think her teachers say about Beyonce now?”. I guess, that was his being a teacher curiosity. It got me wondering what really her teachers, friends, neighbors, families and maybe ex-boyfriends think about her now? She had grown to a very beautiful woman and a wonderful mother at the same time a famous performer. I was asking myself too, “Does success show signs before all thathappened?”. In every single day of our lives, we always try to figure out what are our goals and purposes in life. Are we doing the right thing now? Is this really the path that we should go? Now I have too much question on my head. Let’s start of, with the first question. I was watching this successful people’s life stories. Basically, they were saying that people who was around them ( before they were successful ) seem to know first what they are good at than their selves, on the contrary some people were predicting the worst of their future. There is always a balance of-course. If there is positive, there is negative. So, I am thinking that those who were supportive to her are now saying ” I know she can do it and she’s absolutely doing great” while the opposite people are maybe happily in tears seeing how she achieved her success on her own. Ok, does it show signs for her before? God showed us the different signs and he even whispered it, if you just have listened. Have you watched the movie “The Encounter”? You should try checking it out. It will make you understand this even more. Anyway, everyone has its own destiny. Some of us just don’t believe on it. Destiny doesn’t mean waiting on it when it’s gonna come. It has a processing time, patience and determination for you to reach that point. I know, I know! You’re probably thinking right now that’s an old advice. It’s advice of every book. Call it ” Advice of all time”, it doesn’t matter. That is the truth. Have you ever wonder that perhaps we are where we are, because we’re doing something wrong? or maybe we’re not doing anything? Maybe we are on the right track, but we are just not satisfied of what we have? or some of us doesn’t really know what we want or what we really need to do. Some of us are getting there, but we are confuse. We don’t know where to start. The solution to that is listen to GOD’s call as they say. Beyonce didn’t just automatically realized that her voice is a gift and just start performing like that. She wasn’t sure if that was really the thing for her. She took a year off to just listen to herself and figure out what GOD is really want her to do. When she saw that she made people happy through performing, she was overwhelmed. For some reasons, she believed that she was given a talent from God and she used it for GOD to make his people happy. Now, I am not talking about her clothes. I agree! It was kind of revealing. But my whole point of this is, just listen from up above. I know it is more complicated than what I am actually saying, because I am also figuring out the same thing. Yes, you are giving suggestions and I know that I said other people know what you’re good at than you. On the other hand, we need to be sure if we are happy with the decision we’ll gonna make. Here’s an example, I was major in accounting when I was in college. I took that course because my father wants me to be an accountant and the same time I am also dreaming to be a lawyer someday. I thought that taking the course was the starting point for me to get my dream, yet something doesn’t quite right. I wasn’t exactly happy about it and days were just in misery to accomplish. You see what I’m saying? If we are happy of what we do, things are just so much easier . There are maybe times we will feel the pressure and nervousness, but it just means we want it and we are challenge to achieve it. There is no more amusing achievement than fulfilling dreams where you have given your full strength and power. That is Beyonce about. She achieved her dreams through believing in herself and GOD by giving the best as she can.

To put everything in simpler terms, we should work our dreams with GOD’s guidance or GOD’s signs. I am not saying that this only for singers or famous stars, because even you dreamed to be a teacher, a preacher, a nurse, a mother or anything is really hard to accomplish without full understanding of what you really want. If you are like me that is still trying to figure out what’s good, let us search it inside ourselves together. We should not worry if we don’t find it out today, tomorrow or next year, because a day will just come. We will just suddenly hear what really is our individual’s purposes. In the meantime, Let’s adore, appreciate and love life.


❤ chengky …


2 thoughts on “SUCCESS has its SIGN!

  1. This was a nice post. I can relate. Had an interview for med school yesterday. Been trying for awhile and I hope things turn out well and I get in where I belong and become successful in what I am meant to do. Then I’ll shout with joy! lol

    • Thank you! I hope you will get in 🙂 I know one person that graduated from med school and she’s happy now that she can help people. Maybe this time is the right time for you.. Just continue praying;) let me know if you get in.

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