“Billiard is not as easy as a Stick and a Ball”

My husband is a big fan of playing pool. He has been playing since he was young . I saw his trophies lined up neatly when I first got here. Wow! I know he has been telling me when we were still live chatting before, but it is different when you really see those right before your eyes. They still sparkle like brand new even though some of them are little dusty. I looked at the year. It has been at least 20 years ago. That was such a long time since he played tournaments like that. Then, One day one of his co-league called him and invited him to play pool with them. He went and played with them for fun. As he was playing, he’s talent has been coming back to life again. I can see how he is very confident now than the first time he played again. It is nice to see that he is enjoying things that he love and I am right in there. Sharing those moments. He is really good. Then, I just suddenly decided to try this game. Not only because I have been interested to this, but also I wanna hang out with him through playing pool. I just wish I know how to play this before. It would have been easier and cool, but I didn’t have a chance. Then, here’s my husband! A very good pool player and a teacher. I am pretty sure he will be a good trainer for me, right? and Yes he is! Although I was scared with all the pressure he was giving me and the looked of his face when I didn’t make the shot, It actually helped a me a lot. It made me wanna push myself more to learn the different techniques. At first, when I was still watching them play, I thought it was just as easy as a stick and shooting the ball. It is never even as easy as that at all!!! If you don’t have the determination and confidence, you can never survive the game. Maybe some of you out there that know how to play it, you might find me like “what? it’s easy!”. Well, as beginners like me, It is not as easy as you may think. So far, I already know how it works now. Though I still need that steady hand, concentration and focus. It’s actually an addicting game. It is also an arm sore when you are controlling the stick too much, especially on doing the break. haha! My husband and I just actually played with our friends last night (January 29, 2013). That was a very interesting night. First, my husband and I played with this great pool stick players. It was a double game of couples. This couple has been playing all their life versus my husband that just got his talent back and ME? that just started learning. It Doesn’t seem quite fair huh! It is a good thing that the goal of the game is to have fun and enjoy the night. It was still a pressure for me, because I know I will cost the game and I did. Ok.. here’s the situation, there was only 8th ball on the table and it was my turn. It was all green and nothing else. I had it, but I didn’t! They were all laughing at me because that was the easiest position of the white and black ball and I couldn’t do it. They said I made a more difficult shot than that. I just laugh at myself that night at the same time I am feeling sorry because we didn’t won. You know what my husband said ? ” HEY! We’ve done pretty good considering they are good players and you ,my partner, is just a beginner. We won 3times out of 8games from them.” I am like ” why does he always know what to say?”. He made me feel better and I enjoyed the rest of the night. It was even more fun when later the night, another friend of mine came by surprise! It was an awesome night overall and I hope we’ll all gonna do it again next time.

Hey, I am now learning! If I keep on practicing, eventually I am gonna start playing on my own without my husband coaching me. That’s ONE DAY and until then, I am gonna be my hubbies trainee 😉

Billiard1 Billiard2 Billiard3


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