Can you drill a hole through your head and survive?

Ok! It is morning again and another day to kill boredom. Aside of thinking of many fantasy things to do, I read anything that I can see around the house. So, last Christmas my husband bought me this book that has tons of questions and luckily with answers. I am the type of person that has way too many questions on my head. It’s even ridiculous that you can’t find an answer to it. Just like yesterday, I have this question and I ask my husband. My hubby is really a genius person to tell me ” Honey! some of the things in life are just left unexplained or maybe it was explained but not enough to understand it.” It just snap me right in there. He is right! You just can’t find answers anywhere, unless there’s some kind of sense of your question that science can answer it. Right? Aren’t you asking it yourself too?


Now, I got this book “CAN YOU DRILL A HOLE THROUGH YOUR HEAD AND SURVIVE” edited by Simon Rogers. This is a very interesting book to read with full of 180 fascinating questions and amazing answers about Science, Health and Nature. Some of my questions are here or maybe some of yours too. I know! This is maybe an old book or maybe you have read this already but hey? It gave me a heart-jumped, thrilled and excited reaction when I got this. It is an intriguing book that makes me wanna read it. And so, the first thing that wonder me is the question in the cover of the book. Is that possible? Creepy huh! Before I opened it, this movie went through my head. You know, when you read something and you just suddenly remember things related to it. I was thinking of the movie SAW part 4? I don’t remember exactly what part number that was. Anyways, he has a brain cancer and he needed an operation to save his life. Even in his severe condition, he doesn’t wanna go to the hospital for whatever reason. They have a doctor that they kidnapped for some kind of trap and choose thing. So, they wanted her to cure his brain cancer using the materials they have. If he survive, then they will let her go. She opened the scalp and drill the skull. (gross!) I am not gonna go into details. To summarize, he survived on that operation. My point is, it might be possible to do that and survive. However , you need anesthesia in order for you to not die from heart attack because of pain. haha! After a while of imagining that movie, I flipped the pages and look for the answer of this. I am right! It is possible to do that but it depends on which part of your brain you drill though. As what neuron-anatomist says “To put it in its simplest form, different bits do different things. Physical damage to one part maybe fatal but in another it may have a very little effect”. That’s what science says! I am not saying to go drill a hole on your head, but just some kind of a trivia. They have proven some of this through different accidents, also during the First World War where people got shot on the head.Yes they survive, but there is a dramatic changes on their behavior after that incident.

It’s great to read weird questions in this book. As I will be reading each pages, new knowledge will be coming to my brain. It is fun, especially I can share my thoughts to this little diary of mine. I’ll post more next time. For now, I will leave you thinking of this question and share what you think of it, perhaps movies or stories the same as this?


2 thoughts on “Can you drill a hole through your head and survive?

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