Spectacular 2013!

Happy 2013!

I am back! First things first, I hope everyone have an amazing, fabulous, wonderful, spectacular new years!!! I have been so wrapped up in communicating with my family back in Philippines this past weeks, so I was kind of busy that I did not even check my blog. ( Hi blog! how are u doing already? ) Everything is smooth for this new year and I hope as each day goes by, blessings will continue to come and will continue to remind us with our New year’s resolutions. Aha! That’s right! Sometimes, in our busy life we think that everyday is just the same and we tend to forget what we have promised to accomplish before the end of this year. Well, I am one of them. Do you guys have any trick how to motivate yourself even more to do the things you wanna do for this year? Naturally, we are supposed to motivate by motivating ourselves in little things, but you see? what I wanted is not little things or big things. I want a big change for this year. I mean, change for good. I wanna start of by accomplishing this list of mine. Wish me luck on some of my New year’s resolutions.

1. Cook more, Eat out less!

2. Eat more healthy foods.

3. Less complaining in anything.

4. Plan more in things to come.

5. Help hubby save more.

6. Start exercising girl!!!!

7. Less attention seeking. haha! ( I easily get bored, so i I really need to find things that will focus my attention instead of always bothering my husband. )

8. Start to be nice to others and

9. Ignore the drama around the world.

10. Stop being lousy and give a simple smile everyday

For your information, some people have a hard time to make their New Year’s list of resolutions. They might be thinking they are perfect and nothing is wrong with them. That is not really the case why we have New Years resolution. For me, this is the time to be a better person or to have a great start. I always love New Year because it always make you feel a brand new person again. I just wish every person feels the same way, because when they feel like it is just the same. Then, it’s not a good thing. They are like disease around others. They can easily become contagious and they can’t start a new wonderful beginning.Here I go again thinking about others. I should start my blog as a no care of others drama. Anyhow, My New year celebration started great and amazing. It’s only me and my husband in the house, but it was spectacular. We watch a funny movie together and laugh until we catch our breath. Who wouldn’t be laughing with that TED movie. ha ha! We both can relate to that Flash Gordon movie. He showed me that long time ago, that is why I can really laugh with him when we were watching that movie. It’s kinda something else movie, but sure is funny. Then as midnight hit we changed channel and joined the San Antonio countdown. We started jumping together as the firework beautifully pop around the Tower of America. That ex-mayor on television was that woman we met at the Japanese Tea Garden opening. I took a picture of her and my husband. Even though my husband wasn’t feeling great that night, ( he ate something that made him sick ) we still had a great time together. The next day, we visited our friend and enjoyed playing monopoly with them. ah ah, this hubby of mine is a great negotiator when it comes to this game and he will have all the money at the end. I guess, that’s his hidden talent. He really is good in handling financial matters and any problem that will arise. What do you expect? He is a LEO. On the next day, I made a good dinner for his family. I love seeing all the family together, eating good food, drinking and laughing on good memories they had. Maybe, this is a Filipino thing and it’s wonderful! I am happy that i grew up having this kind of tradition and culture. I wish that next year, I will cook something for my family too. That is someday. Well, on the whole I had an amazing start and I hope this will continue on the year. Oh, I have things that I am thankful about last year to our almighty GOD.

  1.  Thank you for giving me such a great husband. He may not be perfect, but at least in so many ways he is one. He’s been always amazing that nobody knows but me.
  2. Thank you for keeping my family back home always safe, healthy and happy in the whole 2012 as I always pray to GOD. They are the only treasure I have.
  3. Thank you for my good family over here and for giving me such a nice mother-in-law.
  4. Thank you for giving me wonderful friends that has been very nice to me the whole year.
  5. Thank you for the 2012 year for giving me a chance to grow up a little bit.
  6. Thank you for the blessings I received last year. It is too many to mention.
  7. I am thankful that 2012 experiences made me a stronger person that before.
  8. and So many things I am thankful about.

Those are the main things I am thankful about 2012. Now, here we are again! A brand new year to face and a life with full of blessings to receive. HAPPY NEW YEAR! oooops, Belated Happy New Year 2013!!!!

Newyear 2013


2 thoughts on “Spectacular 2013!

    • Thank you.. We bought that cake from my hubbys favorite bakery. They have been there since he was young. They make good cake especially this german chocolate cake. We both love german choco cake.

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