My Happiness!

My Happiness!

Every wife is always happy to see a husband happy. As a house wife, you can’t really get anything very specially for your husband especially when you talk about expensive stuff. We were together for 2 years and I know what he wanted. I can’t really give it to him, but I am sure there is one thing I wish he will be happy to see. For me, a gift should be used over an over again, not things that will just thrown on the side after we gave it to them. We both have the same perspective when it comes to giving stuff. It needs to be useful and things that is needed. Of course as a wife, I wanted it to be things that is
1. Very useful
2. His need and he can use to work.
3. Thing that would remind him of me.

Am glad that I chose to buy this pants, because he was so happy to wear it. He wasn’t expecting anything from me for Christmas. He always tells me he has everything and he doesn’t need anything. Maybe, that is his way of not making me feel bad for not getting him anything. Of all the things he has given me, I want to at least surprise him of little something. Besides, it’s Christmas! It is a time of giving and surprises. However, I was the one that caught by surprise in such an overwhelming reaction from him.. and I feel so blessed that in a little thing, he appreciated it. I am thankful to God. He may not be perfect as a human, but he is perfect enough in so many different ways. He has a soft heart inside, but a lion outside! Of course, I am his tiger.. meow? lol!  Now, we’re both ready to welcome 2013.. May this will give us more blessings and strength for another adventurous and  prosperous year!



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