Christmas 2012


 My husband and I had a great Christmas 2012. Although we had excitement going on 2 days before that, overall we survive Christmas 2012. We had our grocery shopping at Lackland base and we got all the stuff we need for the next year. Well, for a month supply of food. Our refrigerator is full and as a wife , the cooker, I love seeing the freezer and the regular freg bursting with healthy foods. lol! I don’t know if all the wives out there feel the same way as I do. I love cooking and I love to have different option. You know, when you are not in the mood of cooking one thing then, you cook the other stuff. You know what am talking about. right?
Anyway, at the Christmas eve, my husband and I had fun drinking some Moscato wine while we were dancing along with the Christmas music. Good thing I have  different Christmas songs Cd. It adds more Christmas spirit to us. We don’t have that much going on in our house, but sure is alive with the energetic dance of my husband. We don’t have turkey or any food prepared for what we (Filipino) called Noche Buena. I am surprised that they don’t have it in here. I mean, my husband doesn’t even know what’s that Noche Buena is. I guess, it is just Filipino thing huh!  Me and my husband were just really hanging out and drinking on the Christmas eve. There wasn’t that much going on in our house but I did my own table arrangements and decorating, that every person visited the house like them. It feels like the fairy tale house where tables were decorated with cookies and some little food. haha! I never really thought that putting some life in the house would make such a big atmosphere difference.  It was fun decorating even though it was just for a display, since we don’t have people coming over. His mom was working that night, so it was just really us. It made me feel sad remembering his family and mine were not together with us for Christmas. Maybe this is just my Filipino thing and I am missing it this year. I miss my family. I was chatting with them on their Christmas eve. I miss the time when me and my two siblings used to pop fireworks in front of our house while my mom is busy preparing some food for our midnight dinner. When I was younger my parents would do all such for us to feel Christmas. Now that I am married and far from them, I should be the one that will make the house nice and give the Christmas spirit. As a wife, it is my responsibility to give light to the house. I mean, the person that would give joy and would lead the house for it to be a happy and welcoming house. Couple days before Christmas, I was telling my husband that we should start making our own tradition. I guess, tradition doesn’t really make sense when it’s just the two of you. When I have my own someday, I will do the same tradition as I had when I was little.

I had a great Christmas this year,  not only that my husband spend money for the gifts that we gave to my specially friends but also they visited me in our house. That was nice to see them. My husband has given me so many gifts, I don’t even know when should I start thanking him.  Of course, my favorite part of the day is when  I saw him opening the present that i gave him. It was a heart melting reaction. I didn’t gave him much, but he loves it. The saying is true ” It is the thought that counts” .. Merry Christmas everyone! ooops, It’s Happy New Year 2013.  Let’s celebrate and enjoy life for another year !!!

christmas 2012


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