“And the TWO become ONE”

               We have been married for 1 yr and 5 months now, but it doesn’t feel like we have been married for that long. I am not tired looking at him yet. I still look forward of seeing him everyday and doing fun things with him. I still enjoy serving his food after i cook our lunch/dinner and packing his lunch for tomorrow. I wanna see him in the morning and kiss goodbye as he go to school early. There are still many things I wanna do and I still have the same excitement as the day we got married. Last night, I was filling out some forms and I excitedly wrote down his last name as my family name. Even though, I have been using his family name for so long now, I still enjoy writing his family name as my last name. We were actually chitchatting about the family carry-on matter. “after marriage, can the wife automatically change her family name to her husband’s last name or there is a legal matter needed to do?”  I was telling him that in Philippines, as far as I know, they automatically use the family name of the husband. I don’t know about America! There is a lot of options in here! I heard from some people, the wife has the option to use her last name even after they got married. I was telling him that I would prefer to use his last name. It is one of the confirmation that me and him are one. Isn’t it? Do you think it’s an insult to the husband if the wife will not use his last name? What is that mean to her for not using it? I think so.. well, each of us has different opinion and different way of thinking. This is just my own perception. For me, using his last name as my legal family name is a confirmation that I am legally his only wife. Besides, when we will have children they will use his family name and not mine. right? Also I’ll be more welcome in his family now, since I use the same last name. lol! My husband has a great family. I got a good mother-in-law. Yeap! some people like me are just so lucky to have a very kind, sweetheart and nice mother-in-law. Of course, my husband feel the same way with my mom. He would tell me, how nice my mom is and that my mom is a very smart woman. Also, he likes teasing my sister and brother. He loves my family same as he loves me. What a sweetheart.. that’s why I love him! He’s been thinking about them this Christmas. We wish to celebrate with them, but it takes time and patience. One day! (sigh.. ) Isn’t it nice to have two family? One of this days, we’ll all gather together in one place ( I would prefer in the beach ) laughing together and sharing our love as one big two family. Indeed, it is nice to be married to a person who loves you the most with a great family. Life is wonderful when you live with people with great hearts ❤


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