Me and Him

Me and Him

                 “Marriage is a mystery”  the right definition of a word marriage for me. I have to solve his puzzle and he has to solve mine. I never thought marriage would be so challenging as what I fantasize it in my dream. You need to give all your patience. Forgive all the time as what GOD says “forgive ninety times ninety times” or an endless forgiveness. As what I have also seen on that movie “Fireproof”, you need to analyze and study your partner. Each one of you is created differently especially when both of us grow up in a different country, different environment, different culture, different beliefs, different ways and live in a different time frame. Let’s face it, it is even hard for those couple that grow up in the same time , the same school, hometown and graduated together, to understand each others differences. How much more for us that the only thing we are in common is that we both love each other from the bottom of our hearts. Also, we are little bit crazy in our own ways but who is not like that? That is the spice of a relationship that each of you like from each other. Right?  Nevertheless, marriage is a very beautiful kind of relationship that GOD made. It is like an undying colorful rose. It will continue to bloom each day as you continue to water it with love, fertilize it with care and sprinkle with kindness. It may be tough the first time, but as you hold on tight it will last forever.

                I have never regret that I surrender myself to him. I always thank each and everyday that this man has given to me. It was a gift from GOD.  As every single day I wake up and seeing this amazing person lying next to me holding me tight as if it’s the last day, it always made me even more closer to him. Of course as a human there are times when one does bad thing or maybe say something that offend the other, we tend to separate our self from another, but in the end of the day we both put our self in each others soul and wake up in the morning with forgiveness in our heart. That is the essence of marriage, you argue, analyze, understand and forgive. In this world, no relationship is perfect. Even your relationship with your brother and sister or your parents, it will never be perfect. You may see a married  couple walking down the street, holding hands, smiling and happy looking like a perfect relationship, but the truth is they struggle and they fight hard to survive in that wonderful relationship they have now. Everything in this world needs to be invested of a lot of patience before you achieve the goal or the dream you wanted. I really do believe that when you invest on something good, you get the best fruit of your investment and in the end, you will get what you deserve. Therefore, ME AND HIM will still have a big obstacle to tackle as we go along on our very long journey together and as each day we move, I am sure we’ll be even more stronger together and even more bonded as a mighty glue 🙂


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